My background is in Project Management across Finance, IT, Law and more. I love pragmatic implementations, troubleshooting and thinking outside of the box - which I've been doing across a variety of roles and industries, and now in coaching.

I coach inside and outside the corporate world, helping you take the right turn when you need it most.

Frederique's Profile

We are thinking catalysts

  • You have the necessary resources within you
  • Your best solutions can only come from you
  • The people around you impact hugely on your thinking, positively or negatively
  • We provide the space for you to experience your thinking at its very best

While we will always adapt our tools to meet your needs, our default approach relies on those principles.

Experience your finest thinking

Our focus is not on finding solutions for you.

While you are talking, we are listening. While your thinking process is unfolding, we are supporting it.

Our expertise relies on our ability to create a space where thinking at its best unfolds, beyond any thinking conversation you have ever experienced before.

The key points of our coaching sessions are:

  • Unfaltering attention to your thinking process
  • We challenge you to explore the full depth of your thoughts
  • Sharp questioning to cut through limiting assumptions you may hold

Our approach is inspired by the "Time to Think" environment created by Nancy Kline.