About Aware Square Ltd

Management is both the most complex role to play, and the one that managers are  least prepared for in the corporate environment. As a manager, you are required to demonstrate a range of skills and personal qualities significantly different from the ones that got you to that point. As the competition gets tougher, it becomes more and more difficult to ask for help in this role, or to enter into dialogue  about difficulties with peers or superiors. 

As managers progress to middle management and more senior roles, the rules of the game keep on subtly evolving. It requires anything from re-adjustment to a complete paradigm change in order to stay successful with every shift of circumstances. While corporate companies may offer mentoring schemes, looking for your own answers in a safe and impartial environment may become a necessity: that way, you ensure both a fresh perspective, individual support and full confidentiality.

Aware Square passionately believes that managers balancing their environment with their personal style and aspiration is the only way to ensure long-lasting, authentic performance for the whole company. We are looking forward to helping managers reach their full potential and evolve to embrace new exciting challenges.

Frederique Prevost

Every manager is different, every situation and every company is unique. There is no set solution, and our approach is finely tailored to the manager we are working with. We ensure that your solutions are built upon authentic and sustainable strengths – adequate to the level at which you operate. Our focus is on your long-term success and career development.

A career in corporate management is not a sprint – it is a trail that will take managers far from their comfort zone and into previously undiscovered human territories…