What if, whatever the situation, you could tap into your most efficient and creative thinking process?

We are thinking catalysts.

We are expert at triggering a "thinking zone", where you reach your finest thinking.

This process allows you to discover fresh perspectives on your goals and new ways to achieve them. It frees up deadlocked problems with creative solutions. It gives you space and time to carefully plan your strategies.

  • You are the expert.
  • The answers are yours, fully aligned with your values, your understanding, your needs and your style.
  • You will create new connections between things you knew already and discover new perspectives.

Our bespoke executive coaching sessions

One-size fit all doesn't exit in coaching. Each new client brings his or her own needs.

The thinking space we are creating with you requires engagement and trust. You need to feel at ease with your coach. All of our coaching programmes start with a 45-minute complimentary introduction. We will discuss your needs, explain our approach and let you and your coach make sure you are the right match. You can request to meet another coach, or we may offer you another meeting if we feel it will be more efficient.

The sessions start then. We will either come to your office if you can ensure you have a quiet room away from work emergencies. Otherwise, the session will take place in one of our London location (City, Chancery Lane, Marylebone and Canary Wharf).

Find out more about our approach and get in touch for further information.

  • Clarify your objectives
  • Formulate aspirations
  • Discern obstacles and challenges
  • Discover fresh perspectives
  • Make tough your decisions
  • Plan and organise
  • Untangle complex issues

All details below can be tailored to specific needs:

  • Face-to-face 2 to 3 hour sessions
  • Number of sessions: 1 to 12 based on requirement. After 12 sessions or a year we will always review your objectives with you.
  • Depending on the needs, you can request or we may offer you to meet more coaches to be sure you find the perfect fit.

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