“A la carte” solutions:

Bespoke Executive Coaching - Offres coaching.

Bespoke Executive Coaching

Bespoke executive coaching solutions help managers and executives revisit their strengths, formulate and clarify their own strategies to reach their goals.

Team Coaching

Team Coaching

Executive team coaching facilitates the formulation of vision and strategic insights. It helps resolve conflicts and build self-organising, resilient teams. Aware Square offers expertise in team facilitation from IT delivery teams to executive strategic decision making or conflict resolution.

meet a coach

“Meet a Coach” Events

Meet a Coach Events are unique opportunities for 15 to 40 of your members to benefit from 50min of coaching with an executive coach (3-hour events).

Training and Coaching Blend:

Training gives you knowledge. But only the relationship built through a coaching programme can make you transform your behaviours and grow into an outstanding leader.

Our solutions offer a blend of training and coaching - tailor-made to your specific needs.

First Time Manager - Devenir Manager

First line managers

For the first time manager, moving from being an expert to managing experts requires a shift in perspective and the acquiring of a wide range of new skills: we help you explore the resources you need to succeed.

100 days to impress - les 100 premiers jours

100 days to impress

A new role is an exciting challenge and the first few months are critical. Our “100 days to impress” coaching program helps you apply the best of your strengths, values and skills, establish your personal strategies and avoid the traps, both around and within you.

Carrefours et challenges - Crossroads and challenges

Middle Managers

Just like on any adventure, our career paths encounter unexpected obstacles. Performance coaching helps you clarify your strategies, overcome challenges.