Long term success starts in the first few months

"You never get a second chance to make a first impression"

We help leaders hit the ground running and shine despite the unknowns of the new environment and the temptation to fall back into comfortable habits.

Skillful coaching gives leaders the space to draw on their strengths and efficiently adjust their behaviours to the new challenges ahead.

Organisation: Make the most of the past experience and skills of newly hired managers
  • Provide the time and space necessary for the manager to work out the most efficient strategies, for himself and his business.
  • Help your new hire step up into the more senior role and develop the right skills and behaviours
  • Demonstrate your willingness to help her achieve at the best of her abilities
Leader: Hit the ground running
  • Take the time to think and process the new information: your new organisation, your new objectives, your new stakeholders and clients
  • Draw from your skills, experiences and values to shape your optimum strategies
  • Formulate goals, doubts and ideas in a trusted and confidential environment
Agent: Offer a truly exceptional service
  • Help your client integrate their new hire in the best possible way for both parties benefits
  • Lower the risk of leaders not finding their optimum place in the company
  • Build stronger long term relationships with both the organisation and the executive

Aware Square gives managers the space to think and work out their most efficent strategies for fully stepping up to new challenges.

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With new challenges, comes the opportunity for growth.

Aware Square offers organisations and leaders an efficient way to tranform the first 100 days.

Managers and leaders revisit their inner resources: their skills, their strengths, their experiences and explore the new environment to elaborate the most efficient strategy.

Coaching allows newly hired talents to process the information received and turn it into long term, high quality input.

Super-charged packages:
  • 6 coaching sessions over the 100 first days (all coaching sessions are 2h and face to face)
  • Stakeholders mapping
  • Psychometrics analysis and review if needed

Our approach

We help managers look at their real aspirations and strengths, and build effective and highly tailored strategies based on those skills:

  • Clarify your understanding of your new environment: teams, management, clients, stakeholders, objectives... 
  • Elaborate creative strategies to reach your objectives in the most efficient way
  • Formulate aspirations; build on values and strengths and discern obstacles and challenges
  • Discover and experiment with fresh perspectives
  • Find a safe place to think through your next steps
  • Be supported in the completion of your personal action plan

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