Whether you’ve just became a manager (in which case, congratulations!) or moved into a first line management role some time ago, you will have realised that your new role is not just about doing more of the same tasks you used to.

You were an expert. But now you are now managing other experts and taking responsibility for full process and delivery. This means not just a marginally bigger work load, but a complete shift in perspective. It also means summoning a completely different range of skills, as well as abandoning old strategies for new ones.

And as you move on, you may notice that the rules of the game seem to have changed too, and that you are just expected to know them – while at the same time it becomes increasingly difficult to ask for help in understanding those new rules in the first place!

We can help you read your new environment. You already have all it takes; we will support you and make sure you tap into the appropriate resources and skills – the ones upon which you will be building your management career.

Our Solution: Training and Coaching Blend
  • Psychometric tests (MBTI, etc.) - and thorough feedback.
  • Leadership & Management executive course: 3 days
  • Leadership coaching: 14 x 2h sessions over 12 months.

First time manager – some common themes:

Some common themes:

  • Why so many meetings?
  • What is it with reporting and KPIs?
  • Understanding delegation
  • Manage Up, Manage Down …. and Manage Sideways (stakeholders)
  • How to build your team
  • Inspiring trust and loyalty
  • Managing conflict
  • Understanding your style and your values: they are your compass for the journey.