Build a Mentoring Scheme that works for you.


  • What is mentoring?
  • Is mentoring the right option?
  • What are the benefits of mentoring for all participants (including the mentors' organisations?


  • Define the level of engagement
  • Clarify your expectations
  • Engage and spread enthusiasm
  • Train the mentors


  • Follow and support the mentors
  • Capitalise throughout the programme
  • Turn new ideas into a plan

Maximise the benefits of mentoring

Mentoring is everywhere.

From innovation initiatives to internal mentoring schemes, large companies offer a large variety of mentoring opportunities.


We help you harness the insights that mentors bring back and transform mentoring into continuous improvement initiatives.

Mentoring can be powerful for the mentee. It gives access to experience and and insights from senior players of a given industry.

Working at the interface between banking and fintech, we observed first hand how hard it can be for those two worlds to collaborate. The cultural differences, paces and objectives are often huge. And often the efforts are unfocused or mere tokens.

The mentors also receive as they give. Mentoring help them formulate their experience, reflect on their skills and progression. They are confronted with new ideas, original plans and expectations. Mentors can help you gain a powerful insight into new ideas and change.

We want to help the mentors extract this and re-inject it in the corporate environment. We help you plan, build and conduct your mentoring schemes in a way that fuel your transformation.

Mentor startups and bring back value for your company
Your mentors can make a difference: let them bring back new ideas
Make the most of your internal mentoring scheme, learn from your talents

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